Fashionista Anorexia

The task at hand is to take that old linen dress
Pressed creased by its own weight yellowed brittled
Riddled with cifers of diss-use then unfold it carefully
Caringly most cautioussly not to break to crack to shatter
Shuddering in the sudden caress of daylight crumbling yes
Desperately pulverulenting to dust in vulnerable places
Laces of silk still strikingly lovely to the sympathetic eye
Lie the dress on her back and reflect upon her sinewy weave
Wavering filaments of strength would she wear that dress
Rest that dress upon her bones again this time like an armor
Glamour for Maria Callous fashion for Carmen Sandugo
Vogue for Evita Peroxide a sword for our lady of Fatima
Fatwa of piss-elegant courage sharp painted nails of dreadful
Red-black-red ready for nothing but babboon face make-up
Supped with Jesus in love with Jude she takes to the linen runway
Runaway in her anorexic bravado to melt your fat and love you

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Sunday, May 25, 2014

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