Eight (11a)

1 yes, it appears to be the first poem of someone
the very first steps of a child, very simple, very careful
2 I started making the brush poems, illegible, when I was in
the city in a very small room, very crowded, there is little space
3 perhaps, to wish away the turmoil of the city and yet
at the same time to engross the space, this room
4 making the first steps, going back to basics, reducing
to the simplest of forms, until there is nothing left
5 I make them with brush and ink, and sometimes different
types of paper, including the newspaper and
6 when I start to make them, I don’t know what
the lines will be, it is spontaneous, a mystery, so
7 it is not calligraphy because these are not existing signs
perhaps I am trying to look for a certain law of reading and writing
8 well, it is an experiment, so there is yet many
things to discover

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Saturday, July 19, 2014

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