It is getting too difficult to breathe again bloody difficult lift
Shift shit that weight upon my chest the pain stabs me deep
Sleep made weary like the root of some tenacious weed this
Pissy little fucking sucker on my breast is spreading seething
Splitting into my flesh and ribs what are you have you awaken
Shaken by the throb-throb of this broken damned twice broke
Stoking the opportunistic weeds now let me see is it the gall
Bladder or is it the lung how does it feel when you press there
Where does it hurt don’t cut it out just let it sit there put it
Get it back to sleep keep it hidden away when he fucks you
When he licks and sucks your teats thumps you on the chest
Yes breathe mothersucker breathe like there won’t be air to
Morrow open your mouth and gasp for life oh god isn’t that pain
Cain slays stabs deeply isn’t that the most beautiful pain but
No you will stay in your grave I will breathe I will heave I will
Fill these lungs with air and I will float into the atmosphere…

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, May 9, 2014

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