To Beg In Wither (1)

To beg in wither
with her mind was -bot
a pit -tom
twas open andeceptive -less
and receptive and
no thing escaped it //nothing
not eve enlight //moon
especially //lite
but some
how ‘it’
went insider head
herhead, frail, pure, quiet
abyss, abbess, adream
abond, anessence
a mind-bridge //umbilicusmentis
thattracted lite
from //others //him //you
by some unfortune fate
forthis child … sweet child ….
thee greatest lite came
from the darkest ‘evil’
event’u’ally ‘it’ found
her ‘it’ became //me
her friend
but what is ‘evil’
tallman with
clove n feet? //nay!
evil (non)exists in the
Purple Colon y //segre
” ” //gation
where people in dulged
fattened smiled //privi
” ” //lege
but this child //this child
deed not know
/* Awake sweet flower
’tis time to drown
in moonlight! */
thee soft
voice that took her
a way from sola
/* The night should
not be spent
on empty sleep! */
twas thee voice
of a man who exscaped //from the
exscaped //City of Oppor tune
/* And the dawn
was made to be
seen! */
he was a man //cur
filled withelight //delight! of
those he killed
the re:was light //somuch
that he exscaped //toomuch
tot he Colon y //forsolace
inn the abbess
the mind of the //abyss
little flower
they met in the fields
speeching witheir minds
he called her flower //myflower
she called him
he, thepearl, s,laugh,tered
the, m, the dogs, blood&flesh
g-listen-d underthe moonlight
he, thepearl, was very quick, once,
she saw adog standing
with out en-trails
he had a fife //freudvollundleidvoll
whiche played ex //saarabande,pasto
tremely well //rale,notturno
withem usics tillp
laying in their minds //la la la la
he puton wolf’s head
andanced //andante!
und erthe moon
/* Naked man see laughing
wolf listen blood
fur&flesh */
and he be //but
camean enormous //one
wolfand //night
Theyp layed //they
on the grass //came
like puppies // ”
The Inhibitors came
inthe nite … and …
myflower was red
was a man with
out cloths

/* I’m all right it is wolf’s blood see
I’m all right but he isn’t
they hacked him and left him for dead
but I saw his lips move under those little blood bubbles */

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Saturday, June 21, 2014

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