t //Ami-anisstill
went //tiedto achair
y //all owed todreamand
days 20 //bat hein sodiumamytal
sheisinter //the’sessions’
rogated daily //aremost lylight
justo keephera //almost …
ware of w heresh eis //almost …
why sheist here //jovial
late – yeslater
r shecans tart
bleeding throughthe //wait ingfor
ears //BartokandLellan
Rup-i i sin then
ext room
heist reat edmore //heman
un-kindly //ages to keep
hardl ya llowed //himself toget
tos leepor fini sham //hereby
eal //’talking’ to Ami-anby
tic-tic -ing his brainsac //tics

BartokandLellan //as old
watchth rough ag //-ierstands
lass win dow //nextohim
itis a halfamiliar
scene Rup-i haseen
this be fore //in umbilicusmentislove
ina mind-bridge
/* Are you charlat? */
//Funny question … //
/* Are you charlat? */
Bartok hasab roken voice
hehasab roken jaw
/* Yes. */ Rup-ian swears
helike stoans werall
their quest
/* How did you get infected? */
/* Sex. */
/* With Ami-an. */
/* Yes. */
t hey knowall
/* Do you know who I am? */ //itisLellan
Rup-ik nows thevoice /* Yes.
You pissed in your frock. */
/* I lost two arms. How did that happen? */
/* I don’t know. */
/* You were there. */
/* I didn’t see anything.
I’m blind. */
Bartok /* He’s not blind. */
theyh ear aloud tic
from Rup-i’shead //tic!
/* What was that? */

Ami-anap pear smore
willing tos peak now //six
buts he’s tills ixy //shew as twelve
ears old //whenthey firstooker
they feeder verylittle
as Rup-i //hung er
soAmi-an wills peak now
/* She’s
-able. */
doped a wake unstrappedt histime
anarmed sold ier be hinder
an other on eatthe door
BartokandLellan look from be hind
theglas swind ow LeGrand-Inhibitor smiles
smiles up on Ami-an //thechild
/* She’s
-able. */
/* I prefer never to see her again but
I am surrounded by incompetence. */
/* They are never easy. */ //Bartok
/* Incompetence. */
/* Then try your luck with her. */ //Bartok mut
tersth rough broke n jaw
Grand-Inihibtorstandsn earthe g
lass win dow he looks at Ami-an
//Go to hell// heh ears her
BartokandLellan don thear
//Youare oldLeGrandolde give the youngones someroom
theyprobably wantyou dead howlong you bealive?//
/* Stop it! */
//No oldLeGrandolde Iwanttotalk youwant meto talkright?
Youwantto knowhow wethink howwe killhowwe fuck try
overdosing sodiumamytal andsee foryourself and wolfsbane
youwant wolfsbane Ibelieve youwant wolfsbane foolishofyou
whatif wolfsbanewantsyou?//
/* Where is he? */ //ah hew ants tok now!
// I believe I died when your good soldiers took me
and gave me a good beating. I lost my umbilicusmentislove! //
Grand-Inihib torgetsup hefeelsomething …
hefeelsomething …
//Leaving toosoon oldLeGrandolde?
You can’t impress these thirdclass
Inhibitors that way!
What can I do for you?
I’ll grow breasts for you?
I’ll grow hair for you?
Grow a cuntforyou?//
hewalk saw ay
Ami-an’ svoice isgone //nowhy
buthe keep smuttering //arethey
tohimself //allsmiling
at me?

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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