Because you woman clutch your prayer beads you woman cast your spells
Tells me you woman wherever you go whichever you eat whenever you wake
Stake the hearts of your people in your breasts the pintados the indios the
Imagenes repulsivas the latin runs in your veins the friar’s ashes in your bones
Tomes of castellano taint your primitive tongue but you will never submit
Commit to the white man’s burden no matter the prize of everlasting life
Why won’t the pagans in your rituals leave you never for their rivers run wild
Wide in your limbs your welted thighs remember your forebears who cried
Died for you their throats crushed for you bodies burned for you so their souls
Slow death for you to give you the power to hex those who hurt you yet too
Through mercy the power to love those who hurt you with their own pain
Nay none could love as madly as you woman with the blood of the enemy in
Sins you commit with the curse of your insatiable lust burning inside bursting
Cursing you with grand ecstasy and the forgiveness of your colonial religion
Revisionist Filipinism feeble before the animist chants of your inversion
Subversion of collective vengeance your meditative struggle against nation
Shining your cross against the monotheistic tradition die never return amen.

Fatima Lasay, Sta Rosa, Laguna
Sunday, April 27, 2014

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