Love Letter to a Child (from “The Island”)

my child
take care of
your soul
it was forged upon
love that is rare
upon a bond that endures
your father cradled you
with his songs and
endowed you with the
blood of his mystic ancestors
and your mother thinks of
you constantly in
her meditations
she is pensive when
she sees you hurting
she is old yet she gathers
her strength for you
to keep you
alive, my child
feed your soul only with
the finest, the
grains and fish prepared in
the home, the vegetables and
fruits of your clan, you
must remember the
taste of such love! and
beware, my child
the sweets of
strangers, for those will leave
you famished, and please
leave not the care of
your soul to they whose
mouths are filled with
profanity, filled with
themselves, for the air is
stifling of their flatulence, and
your lungs will suffer, your
heart will bear down, it
will hurt your ability to
love, and you must not
give too much, child
do not plead
do not call upon
those who take and
abandon you in your
illness, in your pain
be careful, walk
with care, with the
dignity of your
people, listen to
the voice of your
father, give not to
those whose games are
played in the weakness
of others
come home, child
you are forgiven
come home

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Monday, July 21, 2014

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