Surely as I sit before you, man, do you know how
The apparatus of the cunt needs the tongue of man
It needs yes it needs you to pray kneel between now
And forever, between heaven and god, the lines of tan
Across your chest sinking into that magnificent armoury
Of spurting and pricking weapons, but oh tongue me
Let me watch you before this congress of orations
Let me come in your winsome face and endure once again
The lashes of your tongue, spread me open, libations
For your mouth pour like the mountain springs of Eden!

No! My teats bleed like the vulva of beasts, blood glistens
Between my legs is bled the origin of man, hold me
Yes! In your mouth and bleed upon you, we nourish sins
Of our mothers and the women before them you will see
Through this divine wonder of creation, do you see, man
Do you see god in my cunt, food for which you hunger
Eternally, suck me and play with this vulval succulent
Entrails, steaming sweetmeats for the sweet ardent lover
Now kiss me please kiss me while my mouth gapes for
Your most enticing prick I promise never to ask for more.

Fatima Lasay, San Roque
Thursday, February 12, 2015

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