inthe familiard
arkness //eve ninthe fullest
Ami-an holdsthe //oft hemoon
blindman inherarms //why?
shehas nopower
tores tore hissight //why?
sheholdson //tisim possible
ansighs //tocry
/* What is the time? */ Rup-isud
/* Past midnight. */ -den ly asks
/* The Colon y … */
/* We/re not going to the Colon y. */
/* I want to go. */
/* Youcant. */
Rup-i raises //helooksinto
hishead //Ami-an’s faceandsees
// — // on ly dark ness

ant he towe ring voice
of the Grand-Inhibitor
/* Bartok! Lellan! Two Inhibitors are begging in the streets! Madness! Do something! */
Bartok //lidof hiseye flutters
he couldnot be lievet wo //two Inhibitors?
… Ami-an?
/* Oh Ami-an why do you keep doing this? */

t //BartokandLellan
hey app roach thebeg //theragged
ging Inhibitors //char acters lookup
/* I told you not to come back. */
/* We’re begging. We’re no trouble. */
/* Dressed as Inhibitors. Take those clothes off. */
hehas a need le
Rup-is narles //heis adog
s narlsnarls //he doesnot
//liket hes mello f Lellan’s trous
//-ers … hei spissing //sssssssssss
/* You want to put me down, Bartok. */ Ami-an
she jump son him
theground ben eath //sssssssssss
Lellaniss oaked //stillpissing
Ami-an’s mouth land son Bartok ‘snose
shes uck sands ucksand sucks
Lel lanhas turne dintostone //pissandstone
Bartok nearly passes outheg
rabs Ami-an’s headand //verys
jabser withe needle //killful in deed!
Ami-anhums //hmmmmm
Rup-isses on Lellan’s feet putshis
frontpaws upand pushe shim //Lellanloses
totheg round //b otharms,anear,anose
Bartok seesthe blood y slabstones
heb rings outa gunand aimsat
/* No body comesn ear Rup-i. */
thegun be comes aflow er //no
Bartoktells himself //no
hepullsthet rigger ‘trigger’?
abull let pass esthru his jaw //crack!
/* Rup-i? */
hehearsand goe stoher //thesedativetakesover
as mall girl sleeps witha
manx /!/ inher arms

band aged face sand //whathap pened?
mis sing limbstare athe //howcouldshedothis?
interro gator //???//
Ami-an, six years old, soaked in sodiumamytal
st rapped toac hair looks athem
shed oesnt sayany thing
shestoosmall //itiso
muchsmaller thanwhent //difficulto
hey firstookher //talktoher
/* I don’t want to go through this again. */
shet hinks on lyof Rup-i
shehasnot seenhim inth reed ays
/* How long will I stay here?
till thepearl /wolfsbane/ comes for me? */
t hey al so havetow ait until //atleast
BartokandLellan are wellenough //wellenough
totalk and thin kstraight
/* Never really well enough. */
thelight dimsand Ami-an sleeps
evenin her dreamshe isnot free
sheis tiedto ac hair //upsidedown
/* I hope they don’t keep me here for another six years
I’d die of boredom. */
allthe bloodhas gonet oherhead //sheseeing
/* They mightaswell
keep me forever //crim son now
wolfsbane /thepearl/ willnot come forme … */
shed oesn’t real
ize hew ill come for Rup-i

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Sunday, June 29, 2014

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