The Plumber and the Engineer (from “The Mechanical Cock”)

In the twilight of mental male
there is plumbing of great complexity
– It grinds to a halt –
– repairs are D.I.Y. –
but the pipes are the finest
the Christofle of silver

In the dusk of the male sex
there is appliance of great interest
– It sputters electric –
– revived by D.I.Y. –
but its cogs are the finest
the Baccarat of crystals

In the midnight of high female
– she prefers the native silver –
She admires the roughest crystals
– with virtuous circumspect –
– and upon the break of dawn –
She is plumber and engineer!

(begin letterbox poetry)

…… I fed.a de catt.a de leetel Feesh.a
ting’s….. No.ah
rice.a … Poor cat.a pure …….
…… you write.a de big.a poet.tree ….
………. You are.a de Big mac.poet.tree
.. And I ama wean.y twig.a ……………..
.. Maybe summin in da coffee …. ha.ha

(end letterbox poetry)

Fatima Lasay, Quezon City
Friday, July 11, 2014

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